Content Excellence Across the Enterprise

It’s great to see the discussion around content marketing shifting from “what” to “how.”

In my experience, most marketing organizations have good people producing content—whether that’s a solid in-house team or a sleep-deprived agency copywriter. Sure, there’s always room to hone your messaging or get more creative about tactics, but, generally speaking, we know how to identify those weaknesses and address them.

The tougher nut to crack has been how to keep up with the demand for content in an environment where all priorities are equal, but resources are flat-lined. Let’s face it, that list of marketing campaigns prioritized by revenue potential lasts about as long as a New Year’s resolution, when the end of the quarter nears and rogue campaign requests descend like the Polar Vortex.

So what’s a content producer to do?

In the short term, think strategically about the assets you’re producing and how to make the most of them. “Feeding the Content Beast,” by content curation provider Curata, provides some great tips about repurposing content: turn an ebook into a series of blog posts; create transcripts from your webinars for the folks who would rather not watch a 30-minute video. Turn quotes into graphics and give them a second life on Pinterest and Facebook. In other words, don’t just create, “curate.”

But how are content producers to survive over the long term?

More and more, organizations are waking up to the fact that feeding the content beast is a collaborative effort. For some, who are used to controlling the message with an iron fist, that might sound like your worst nightmare. (It was mine.) But getting your organization’s best thinkers to help surface, produce, curate, and govern content has real advantages. It reveals where the content in your organization lives—and that is not always with marketing. It gives your content producers greater insight into what’s happening “on the ground,” which makes them smarter about what tactics really work. And it creates bridges across silos, so that everyone has a stake in making sure your content has real value.

Velocity Partners’ Doug Kessler has written a smart piece about what such a collaborative effort might look like.

It’s not an easy organizational vision to put into practice, but it has the potential to change the conversation from “What else can marketing to do for us?” to “How can we all help create the kind of content our customers are craving?”

2 thoughts on “Content Excellence Across the Enterprise

  1. Thanks for including our eBook as a good example to follow! One more tip I’d like to share is think about the content marketing pyramid… how you can take that 30 minute video and transfer that through the funnel into an ebook, white paper, tweets, infographic and other content elements – Check out this blog post for a full rundown of the different elements to help guide you:

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