GDPR Compliance

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25 MAY 2018.

The date is likely on your calendar.

Flagged. In red.

And you’re probably doing everything you can to make sure your organization is ready to comply with the General Data Protection Compliance Regulation (GDPR) when it goes into full effect this year.

But the GDPR is a complex regulation, designed to shift how we think about data protection. Broad in scope, the regulation expands what counts as personal data and grants new rights to individual data subjects. And the regulation applies to any organization, in or out of the EU, processing data on EU data subjects.

We’ve seen a lot of advice out there about how to implement a GDPR program to meet the impending deadline. But that hasn’t stopped organizations of every size and shape from being derailed by unanticipated roadblocks that are wasting precious time and resources. Don’t let these six pitfalls derail your compliance efforts. Here are our suggestions for how to avoid them.

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