A Better Way to Manage Affiliation Verification for Healthcare Credentialing?

We believe that applying technology to business problems can achieve great results. It’s why we do what we do.

But we also understand that some processes are more resistant to automation than others. And there’s no better example of that than the slow evolution of medical credentialing. Yes, technology–particularly the internet–has improved the credentialing process. You probably see the physical evidence of that every day as you stumble into fewer and fewer file cabinets storing reams of paperwork in your office.

Even while technology has helped tame some aspects of medical credentialing, the process continues to grow more complex. Today, new clinical jobs, some of which didn’t even exist a decade ago, require the same careful vetting as physicians. Multi-site healthcare systems might require credentialing specialists to understand disparate bylaws or manage conflicting criteria. The expansion of telehealth providers adds even more affiliations to the credentialing process. Tracking down a provider’s hospital and other healthcare organization affiliations can take time–and delay an already time-consuming process.

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