Supply Chain Resiliency: In Times of Crisis Visibility is Key

Global supply chains have faced disruptions before—shocks like 9/11, the devastating earthquake in Fukushima, Japan and its subsequent tsunami, marine piracy, trade wars—all have made us more aware of supply chain fragility. And while businesses have weathered these shocks (some with greater success than others), the COVID-19 pandemic feels categorically different: production has been halted, ports are being closed, workers are being laid off, and travel has been restricted, locally and globally.

In the past few weeks, supply chains have come under new scrutiny as ordinary people are asked to stay at home and “flatten the curve” to relieve pressure on overtaxed healthcare systems. “Supply chain management” might not yet be a household word, but we are all newly aware of potential shortages in critical supplies such as COVID-19 testing kits and PPE.

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