Driving Insight, Transforming Business

In the pharmaceutical industry, serialization is fundamentally about compliance—are your products meeting government-mandated measures for traceability ? In our last blog, we pointed to how industries of all stripes are beginning to adopt serialization to gain better visibility into their supply chains—often in concert with machine learning and AI tools and solutions. Forward-thinking organizations are … Continue reading Driving Insight, Transforming Business

The Equity Question: Doing Good By Doing Better

We’re still coming to grips with the pandemic’s effect on our lives, but early data suggests that its impact on college students has been profound. A recent poll found that 77% of students worried whether they would be able to stay in school and graduate. Those percentages are significantly higher for Black and Latino students … Continue reading The Equity Question: Doing Good By Doing Better

The Future is What We Imagine

Like many of you, we at 42 Lines have been trying to make sense of what it means to be living in a time of pandemic.  As much as we attempt to go about our days and retain our sense of “normalcy,” we know that things are very different than they were on March 15, 2020, when colleges … Continue reading The Future is What We Imagine