Plagiarism Checking Directly from the Discussion Board

Harmonize offers built-in access to industry-leading similarity-checkers Harmonize is a great platform for encouraging dynamic discussion online. Because it uses the social media metaphors that students prefer across the devices they’re most likely to be using, Harmonize is helping instructors create vibrant online interactions—right from the LMS.  We’re pretty thrilled to offer a discussion platform … Continue reading Plagiarism Checking Directly from the Discussion Board

Blockchain’s Big Promises

What will it take to deliver on them? As supply chain complexity intensifies, industry leaders are turning to emerging technologies to share data about goods and services with integrity and security. In today’s global economy, accuracy in supply chain traceability is becoming critically important as organizations look for better ways to track both raw materials … Continue reading Blockchain’s Big Promises

Business at the Speed of Trust

Delivering tamper-proof track and trace capabilities across your supply chain It started as software-as-a-service, but today the shift to the cloud means businesses everywhere are grappling with a new reality: everything-as-a-service. For the most part, this shift has been positive as businesses refocus their efforts and resources on the customer experience. But in the process, … Continue reading Business at the Speed of Trust

5 Tips for Engaging Students in Online Discussions

Class discussion matters. Students learn better when they’re actively engaged with class material, with other students, and with their instructor. In the online classroom, class discussion boards are a critical piece of your pedagogy. It’s here that students share ideas, make connections, and dig more deeply into course material. And while instructors can bring their … Continue reading 5 Tips for Engaging Students in Online Discussions

The Future of Work: Generation Z

Generation Z has arrived. Sixty-one million strong in the U.S. alone, they will comprise 30% of the workforce by 2030. They are more diverse, more educated, and more technologically adept than any previous generation. And they are poised to join the workforce at a moment of unprecedented change. The future of work will be more … Continue reading The Future of Work: Generation Z

A Better Way to Manage Affiliation Verification for Healthcare Credentialing?

We believe that applying technology to business problems can achieve great results. It’s why we do what we do. But we also understand that some processes are more resistant to automation than others. And there’s no better example of that than the slow evolution of medical credentialing. Yes, technology–particularly the internet–has improved the credentialing process. … Continue reading A Better Way to Manage Affiliation Verification for Healthcare Credentialing?

CRM has gotten smarter…

... And that's good news for higher education. There was probably a time when the thought of treating students like customers sent a chill down your spine. It’s true that the big ERPs at institutions helped streamline processes and improve services, but CRM? That was a sales technology. A tool to help close more deals … Continue reading CRM has gotten smarter…

How Agile is Your Supply Chain?

Today it’s not just about the transaction. With rising consumer expectations driving global disruption, the how is as important as the what and the when. For your business to thrive, it will need end-to-end supply chain integration and visibility—with intelligent solutions to help you respond faster, predict accurately, and plan responsibly. You can find the … Continue reading How Agile is Your Supply Chain?

The Science of Fairness

The Science of Fairness: Using Pre-Hire Assessments to Reduce Bias and Build a More Diverse Workplace Race, ethnicity, religion, and national origin. Age, gender, and gender expression. Sexual orientation and social identity. Disability, education, life experience, and ways of thinking. Socio-economic status, veteran status, and local and regional differences.  In the United States especially, diversity … Continue reading The Science of Fairness

GDPR Compliance

25 MAY 2018. The date is likely on your calendar. Flagged. In red. And you’re probably doing everything you can to make sure your organization is ready to comply with the General Data Protection Compliance Regulation (GDPR) when it goes into full effect this year. But the GDPR is a complex regulation, designed to shift … Continue reading GDPR Compliance