Blockchain’s Big Promises

What will it take to deliver on them? As supply chain complexity intensifies, industry leaders are turning to emerging technologies to share data about goods and services with integrity and security. In today’s global economy, accuracy in supply chain traceability is becoming critically important as organizations look for better ways to track both raw materials … Continue reading Blockchain’s Big Promises

Business at the Speed of Trust

Delivering tamper-proof track and trace capabilities across your supply chain It started as software-as-a-service, but today the shift to the cloud means businesses everywhere are grappling with a new reality: everything-as-a-service. For the most part, this shift has been positive as businesses refocus their efforts and resources on the customer experience. But in the process, … Continue reading Business at the Speed of Trust

5 Tips for Engaging Students in Online Discussions

Class discussion matters. Students learn better when they’re actively engaged with class material, with other students, and with their instructor. In the online classroom, class discussion boards are a critical piece of your pedagogy. It’s here that students share ideas, make connections, and dig more deeply into course material. And while instructors can bring their … Continue reading 5 Tips for Engaging Students in Online Discussions