Can Serialization Improve Supply Chain Agility?

As the pandemic continues to disrupt global supply chains, industry leaders are thinking hard about what’s next—how will supply chain management change in the months and years after the pandemic? We are already seeing a turn toward a more diverse supplier strategy as businesses learn hard lessons about single sourcing. And we are seeing, in … Continue reading Can Serialization Improve Supply Chain Agility?

Supply Chain Resiliency: In Times of Crisis Visibility is Key

Global supply chains have faced disruptions before—shocks like 9/11, the devastating earthquake in Fukushima, Japan and its subsequent tsunami, marine piracy, trade wars—all have made us more aware of supply chain fragility. And while businesses have weathered these shocks (some with greater success than others), the COVID-19 pandemic feels categorically different: production has been halted, … Continue reading Supply Chain Resiliency: In Times of Crisis Visibility is Key

Can Online Discussions Be Relevant Learning Experiences?

Let’s begin with the obvious. We’re in the business of building interactive and engaging online discussion platforms. We really do believe the answer to this question is, ultimately, yes. Class discussion, whether conducted face-to-face or virtually, is probably one of the most valuable teaching strategies we have in our toolkit. Students learn better when they’re … Continue reading Can Online Discussions Be Relevant Learning Experiences?

Keep the Learning Going

As more colleges and universities adopt or expand their online learning capabilities, faculty are catching up—but slowly. According to a survey conducted last year by Inside Higher Education, three-quarters of instructors who taught online think it made them better teachers—largely because teaching online gets people thinking about pedagogy in new ways. Still, a significant percentage … Continue reading Keep the Learning Going

Philadelphia Flower Show

Longwood Garden's 1957 Plant Collecting Expedition “Never before has any American had the opportunity of doing this sort of project on this scale for the Mediterranean region.”  --Frederick G. Meyer, trip leader In 1957, Frederick Meyer and his wife Jean boarded a steamer bound for France, rented a tiny Renault in Paris, and set out … Continue reading Philadelphia Flower Show

Plagiarism Checking Directly from the Discussion Board

Harmonize offers built-in access to industry-leading similarity-checkers Harmonize is a great platform for encouraging dynamic discussion online. Because it uses the social media metaphors that students prefer across the devices they’re most likely to be using, Harmonize is helping instructors create vibrant online interactions—right from the LMS.  We’re pretty thrilled to offer a discussion platform … Continue reading Plagiarism Checking Directly from the Discussion Board

Blockchain’s Big Promises

What will it take to deliver on them? As supply chain complexity intensifies, industry leaders are turning to emerging technologies to share data about goods and services with integrity and security. In today’s global economy, accuracy in supply chain traceability is becoming critically important as organizations look for better ways to track both raw materials … Continue reading Blockchain’s Big Promises