Ed-Tech with a Heart: Duolingo

For the past four weeks I've been obsessed with the new language learning tool, Duolingo. Developed by Luis von Ahn, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University (the guy that brought us reCAPTCHA), Duolingo was named by Apple as the best new iPhone app for 2013. (There's a web version as well.) Slate writer Seth Stevenson calls it "the most … Continue reading Ed-Tech with a Heart: Duolingo

MOOCs: Is That All There Is?

This week Coursera announced its launch of Specializations, sequenced courses designed to help students achieve deeper levels of mastery as well as the credentials to demonstrate that mastery. At about $200 per sequence, Specializations also provides an alternative revenue stream for Coursera and its partners, which may be why the announcement featured in news outlets … Continue reading MOOCs: Is That All There Is?

193,000 Toothpicks and You

I grew up with models. Small-scale reproductions of boats, primarily—the Charles W. Morgan, the USS Constitution, battleships, aircraft carriers—carefully assembled, usually over the course of a cold New England winter, by my father or one of my two brothers. So I thought I got the obsession. Then I encountered Wayne Kusy at the American Visionary … Continue reading 193,000 Toothpicks and You

Content Excellence Across the Enterprise

It’s great to see the discussion around content marketing shifting from “what” to “how.” In my experience, most marketing organizations have good people producing content—whether that’s a solid in-house team or a sleep-deprived agency copywriter. Sure, there’s always room to hone your messaging or get more creative about tactics, but, generally speaking, we know how … Continue reading Content Excellence Across the Enterprise

Infographics: Time for a reboot?

Remember when Infographics presented compelling data in a way that was easy to understand? Remember when that was kind of the point of an Infographic? It's a great concept and like all great concepts, it proliferated as marketing organizations put their best graphic artists to work on great visuals. The result? Lots of cool graphics … Continue reading Infographics: Time for a reboot?