The Science of Fairness

The Science of Fairness:
Using Pre-Hire Assessments to Reduce Bias and Build a More Diverse Workplace

Race, ethnicity, religion, and national origin. Age, gender, and gender expression. Sexual orientation and social identity. Disability, education, life experience, and ways of thinking. Socio-economic status, veteran status, and local and regional differences. 

In the United States especially, diversity has always been with us, influencing how we understand and negotiate our families, our neighborhoods, our communities, and our workplaces. That legacy shows no signs of slowing over the next few generations. If anything, diversity in the United States is on the rise. Statisticians point out that, over time, we will grow older, less white, and more educated. That statistical arc may be long, but our lived experience—in the workplace, at the supermarket, and even in our own families—confirms that who we are and who we will be is shifting—and fast. 

Most organizations understand that diversity is here to stay. And talent management professionals understand that people with diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds can help organizations work more creatively, innovate faster, and reach new markets. 

Making diversity a cornerstone of your recruiting efforts makes good sense. Unfortunately, most organizations—95% of them—are failing to achieve their diversity goals. Measures to promote diversity and inclusion often hit the stumbling block of hidden bias—whether our own unconscious ones or biases embedded in our recruiting and selection processes. 

While the challenges are real, a new generation of pre-hire reference assessment tools is making a difference. SkillSurvey Reference™ and the Pre-Hire 360® workflow are helping organizations reduce bias in the hiring process, make better progress toward their diversity and inclusion goals, and identify talent that can thrive in a rapidly transforming workplace. 

Download the full white paper here.

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